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Travel Guide To London > Healthtian

With this step-by-step travel guide to London, we aim to help you organise and prepare your trip in the quickest and shortest way possible, so that you can also enjoy the city to the fullest.
Known by many for being one of the most visited cities in the world as well as being the political and economic capital of the United Kingdom, London is a cosmopolitan metropolis that rarely sleeps, where diversity is the order of the day.

We promise you that making a holiday to London is always a fantastic success.

Whatever the time and whatever the duration,
So, if it has been your choice, be ready to enjoy one of the most incredible cities in the world!

After having visited multiple times, the first for 10 days some years ago and repeating the trip to London in 6 days a couple of years ago , today we have decided to return to the city, but to enjoy it little by little for a month .
This time we will stay in the delightful Notting Hill, our favourite part of London, from where we will re-discover the city to update and enhance the material in this step-by-step travel guide to London .

When to travel

Although, as happens in many European cities, we might claim that any time is a wonderful time to make a getaway to London , there are certain crucial details that you should take into account if you want to experience the city to the utmost.

High season: Between the months of June and mid-September, these are the months in which more tourists travel to London. Costs are higher, but also the weather is usually better, featuring warmer days and less rainfall .
Another time that is included in the high season is the Christmas period, when the city is adorned with lights and trees to experience these days in the most spectacular way.

Medium season: Spring and fall are periods when the rain and grey skies are usually more present, although there are also fewer tourists and prices are usually more adjusted.

If you don’t mind getting to know the city with a certain risk of precipitation, without a doubt, travelling to London in this season is a success.

The low season: The months that make up the winter are the hardest to visit London .

With low temperatures, constant rainfall and even snow, January and February would be the least advised months to enjoy a trip to London .

When to travel? Recommended Cards for Travel

Remember that in order not to pay commissions and always have the latest change, we propose you use the Revolut card. They give you 10 euros!

and the N26 card .

They are the ones we use, they are free, and they will imply a huge saving.
You may get more information in this article about the best cards to travel with without commissions .

Accommodation in London / Where to sleep in London?

Without a doubt, this is one of the things that you ask us the most about and that is also the most difficult to answer.

With hundreds of possibilities, the price of housing is typically one of the most crucial considerations when choosing accommodation in London .
In our case, having visited multiple times, we have expertise in different regions, and in the end, we believe that your choice should depend heavily on your tastes and needs.

Accommodation in Oxford Street and surroundings.


This is undoubtedly the neighbourhood most in demand among travellers to stay in London, but also one of the most expensive.

Known for being practically the core of the city, here you will be accessible to major tourist attractions and you will also have a vast gastronomic and leisure offer.

Find your hotel in Soho here.

Accommodation in Westminster

Around Victoria Station

In our view, this location is one of the best in London to stay due to its good contact with public transit and its being very close to numerous tourist destinations in the city.

Find your hotel in Westminster Borough here.

Accommodation in Chelsea

Although it is one of the most desired regions to stay on a trip to London, for us it is not the most suited, since in our opinion, it has a fairly obvious residential area feel.
Despite that, as we indicated, it is one of the most sought after by travellers, and hence, it is also one of the most expensive.

Accommodation in Paddington and Bayswater

These two areas are less contemplated by travellers who come to the city looking for more central areas, and due to their good communication with the underground, especially Paddington station, in addition to being a few steps from many of the tourist attractions, they have become, for us, one of the best hotel areas in London.

Find your hotel in Paddington here. Find your hotel in Bayswater here.

Book the Garden Court hotel in Bayswater here, with a superb location and exceptional value for money.

Accommodation in Notting Hill

Known for being one of the most sought-after and photographed neighbourhoods in London, Notting Hill is the place to be for many travellers looking for attractive London accommodation, a wonderful location, and atmospheric surroundings.
It also offers great metro stations to connect with anywhere in the city.

For example, on our most recent trip to London, where we will be staying for about a month, we rented an apartment through AirBnB in this neighborhood, which is close to the metro, one street from Hyde Park, and surrounded by recommended restaurants.

Accommodation in the City of London

Although it is a highly wanted region for business travel, for us this is not a very successful alternative, especially if you are intending to make a getaway to London for a few days, since it is the furthest from the main touristic areas.
Accommodation here is generally cheaper, but the time you’ll have to spend travelling to the centre may not be worth it.

Lodging in Bloomsbury

Despite being in one of the most central districts of the city, we have never stayed here.

Regardless of this, from what we have read and been able to see, it is one of the greatest lodging alternatives in London, especially if you are intending to travel for a few days.
It is also two steps away from the most touristic and central sights, so we believe it is a safe bet.

Notting Hill

For further information, you can consult our post about the ideal neighbourhoods and hotels to stay in London .

Transport in London

We know that another of the topics that you worry about the most on a trip to London is transport in the city.

Before talking in more depth about this topic, we can tell you that it is much easier than it may appear at first glance and that, with a few easy instructions and advice, you will be able to navigate around the city perfectly, like any other Londoner.

How to use the tube in London

How to get from Gatwick Airport to London

How to get from Luton airport to London

How to get from Heathrow Airport to London

How to get from Stansted Airport to London

The 10 finest things to do in London (nearly all free) (almost all free)

Top 10 London Tours & Excursions

The finest free tours in London for free

The 5 best markets in London

The Top 5 viewpoints in London

The top 5 museums in London

The ten most important works to see at the British Museum

A Guide to Visiting The Shard in London

A guide to visiting the Tower of London

Visit the London Eye: tickets and costs

A Guide to Visiting Westminster Abbey

Guide to visiting Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Portobello Market in London

Routes through London

We cannot dispute that any trip to London has an unlimited number of possibilities and much more if it is not the first time you visit the city that rarely sleeps.
That said, we also know that most travellers arrive in London with limited time, which means if you are not sure about the places you want to visit or the route to take, you can lose a lot of time in the organisation or, what is worse, leave with the feeling that you have not seen London.

Taking this into account, we believe that if it is your first holiday to London, it is vital to have at least 2-3 full days to get to know the city or at least its most touristic locations.
Once you are clear about the time available, the next important point in the organisation of the trip is to create a route that allows you to take advantage of and optimise the time to the maximum, to know everything possible without forgetting the leisure time, which is also essential on a trip.

With all these evaluations, we want to offer you numerous routes around London optimised according to the number of days you have, with which you may visit the city, making the most of your time.

London in one day

London in two days

London in 3 days

London in 4 days

London in 5 days

London in 6 days

Routes through London

London Suggestions

If there is something important on a trip to London , as to any other place, it is to have some advice and recommendations to make the trip much more full and exciting.
It is for this reason that, after having gone to the city several times and having read a lot about London, we want to leave you a piece in which we compile many of the basic characteristics of the city, which we know will be excellent for you to make the most of your time. And above all, enjoy your time to the fullest.

10 crucial guidelines for travelling to London

Little Venice is one of the spots you must not miss on a vacation to London.

The best tours in London

Within the itineraries that we have described earlier, we incorporate visits to the major tourist attractions in London.

All of them can be visited on your own, but there are several, like the ones we show you below, that it would be interesting to do with the help of a guide in Spanish, so as not to miss any details and get to know the city as well as possible.

We provide you with a selection of those that we consider are the most intriguing, in addition to the best valued by travellers:

A complete tour of London with tickets

A guided tour of the British Museum

A free tour of historic London!

A night walk through present-day London

More tours and excursions from London here

The best tours in London

The best trips from London

In addition to the routes optimised for a trip to London , in case you have extra days or want to get out of the city a bit, we recommend you take into account the number of tours and excursions in London available, many of them perfect as a complement to the visits you can make on your own to the city.

We leave you a selection of those that are the most ideal for us and the perfect complement to your vacation to London:

On the Harry Potter Tour at Warner Studios

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford

An Excursion to Stonehenge

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath.

Leeds, Canterbury and Dover Castle.

An excursion to Oxford and Stratford

More trips & excursions from London here

The Stonehenge tour from London

Tickets for London tourist attractions

Many times, making plans and reservations for tourist attractions in London is associated with saving time and money, especially if you can get them cheaper and avoid the lines.
It is for this reason that we provide you with the option of being able to reserve them in advance. That way, you only have to worry about enjoying yourself.

Tickets for the London Eye

Entrance to Westminster Abbey

Tickets to the Tower of London

Entrance to St. Paul’s Cathedral

Tickets for The View from The Shard

Entrance to Madame Tussauds

St Paul’s Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge

An Excursion to Oxford from London

If there is an excursion that is commonly done from London, it is without a doubt the one to Oxford, to get to know the city where one of the most prominent universities in the world is located.

10 key sites to visit in Oxford

How to get to Oxford from London in one day

London’s Harry Potter Tour

And if there is a tour par excellence in London, especially for lovers of the books by Joanne Rowling, known globally as JK Rowling, and the Harry Potter movies, it is the one that visits the Harry Potter studios in London, where the eight films of the saga were created.
Located on the outskirts of the city, this tour will take you at least one morning, although we encourage you to book a whole day, as after having visited, we assure you that it is one of the most amazing experiences you can take from your trip to London .

A Guide to Visiting the Harry Potter Studios in London

London’s Harry Potter Tour

Passport to London

The London Pass Card is a tourist card with which you can visit more than 80 London attractions, including Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, The View from The Shard, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, or even a boat on the Thames, among many others.

London Pass: how it works, what it contains, and prices .

The London Explorer Pass

This is another of the most popular cards used by tourists from all over the world to get around London.

With it, you may pick between visiting 3, 5, or 7 of the key attractions in the city, saving up to 40%.

London Explorer Pass: how it works, what it contains and prices

Tower Bridge

Where to eat in London?

Recommended eateries

Without a doubt, gastronomy is something really significant in travel, and it could not be less so in London.

Taking this into account and after the many consultations about recommendations that you have made us throughout all our trips to the city, we have decided to publish a post in which we highlight some of the most recommended restaurants in the city, which we are sure will make you fall in love even more with this incredible city.

Where to eat in London: Recommended eateries

Borough Market in London

London trip insurance

If you are going to make this trip, it is important to have the best travel insurance , especially if you take into account that there are certain situations in which the European Health Card is not enough, since situations such as repatriation or return are not included. You can return home after treatment or with the assistance of a family member.
We always travel insured with Mondo , with whom we carry insurance that is fully adequate for the needs that we are going to have on the trip.

We leave you an article in which we tell you all the details about the reasons why, when travelling to Europe, it is also important to have the best travel insurance .

The best travel insurance for Europe

Remember, just for being a reader of Viajeros Callejeros, you have a 5% discount with Mondo to contract the best travel insurance, in addition to 15% if you contract family or group insurance.

We will update the information in the London guide as we visit new places in the city.

Do you wish to organise this trip to London on your own?

The best offers for flights to London are here.

The greatest hotels at the best prices in London

Book the best tours and excursions in and from London in Spanish

Book your airport to London transfer

Book your London Pass with all the advantages

Book your London Explorer Pass with all the benefits

How to go from London to Stonehenge

10 vital tips when travelling to the United Kingdom

ten must-see locations in England

City Guides (United Kingdom) London

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