The Best Travel Insurance In New York 2022 > Healthtian

The Best Travel Insurance In New York 2022 > Healthtian

What is the best travel insurance for New York in 2022?

This is one of the questions that you ask us the most, especially after reading the New York guide and seeing that one of the great recommendations is to always hire the best travel insurance.
And it is that although it may seem excessive to say that this, we assure you that safe travel is even more important than the trip itself. You just have to keep reading and know some facts, to understand that traveling without health insurance to countries like the United States , can be a real ruin and even mortgage you for life, if something happens to you.

We have never tempted fate and throughout this travel history we have used different options that exist, but for several years now, we have been traveling with Mondo and we assure you that after experience and many comparisons, this is the best option on the market.

Taking all this into account, we will tell you the reasons why we have made this choice, the comparison with other insurance, the prices and, above all, what Mondo covers, the best travel insurance for New York in 2022 .

Recommendations for contracting travel insurance for New York

We tell you all the details and several recommendations to take into account during the hiring process so that it is much easier to determine which is the best option and, above all, which is the one that best suits your needs.

Which company do I choose?: This is one of the most important points, since depending on what you choose, this will be your travel insurance to New York.

Coverage: Another of the key points at the time of the election with the company. You should pay close attention to the things included in the policy, and above all that they fit what you need. In the case of travel insurance to New York, for example, it should cover a high minimum amount , so that in case something happens, you don’t have to worry about money.
In this case, with Mondo you make sure you have extensive health coverage and incredibly professional customer service, two things that make it the best travel insurance for New York for us .

Will I have to advance money if something happens to me?: There are many insurances in which you must advance the money in case you need assistance so that later they will return it to you, after sending all the documentation.
With Mondo you will never have to advance money in case you need assistance, you just have to call them and they will take care of everything, without having to pay a single euro. For us this is something very important as well as basic to decide to take out travel insurance or another.

Contact and assistance data:

Make sure that these data are specified clearly and transparently in the policy, since in case of need they will be the ones you need.
With Mondo travel insurance, in addition to the data provided with the policy, you can download an innovative application, which we will talk about later, which is a revolution in the world of travel insurance, with which you will have everything you may need in a single click. And call them for free from anywhere in the world !

Language: Although it may not seem important at first glance, this point is essential, especially if you do not speak English. Having insurance for New York in which you can speak in your language or, if necessary, with a translator, is essential in times of need.

Insurance amount: We are firm advocates that health is priceless, but we understand that this is also an important factor for all travelers and for this reason, we always try to recommend cheap travel insurance but at the same time, it also includes the best coverage on the market.

With Mondo , the best insurance to travel to New York , this aspect will be only a minimum % of the total budget and also, just for being our reader, you will have a 5% discount.

The best travel insurance for New York in 2022

What does the insurance cover?

Despite the fact that, as we said before, travel insurance coverage should always be reviewed in detail, since it is the most important point. But we assure you that this is much more important if it is travel insurance for the United States , since in countries like this, health is very expensive, and it can be a real headache to have any mishap and even mortgage yourself for life if you something happens, and you don’t have good health insurance to cover you.
Just to give you an idea; an appendicitis can cost about 25,000 euros, a break about 20,000 euros and a night in hospital 6,000 euros. After knowing these data, they need to travel to New York with good travel insurance , don’t you think?

You can see all the coverage in detail in the post« What is the best travel insurance in 2022? «.

New York

COVID-19 coverage with Mondo insurance

Something very important due to the current health situation is knowing that all Mondo insurance includes medical assistance in case of contagion by coronavirus.

In addition, the extra stay you need in case of contagion due to quarantine is also included and, of course, the test if it is necessary.
In addition, the extra cancellation option includes special coverage for illness or death of a family member or the traveler due to COVID-19.

Another advantage of taking out insurance with Mondo is that if you need to have a PCR, you can contact them and get an exclusive discount.

Mondo insurance includes COVID-19 coverage

How much is the best travel insurance for New York?

We leave you a comparative table with the prices for a trip of 7, 14 and 21 days, so you can check the price of travel insurance to New York and see that with  Mondo you can travel safely, with the most important coverage and therefore, calm down.

Remember that with Mondo you also have the option to choose between 4 insurance options, each with different coverage, so you can choose the one that best suits your trip or your needs.

In this case, and taking into account the data that we mentioned earlier about the high costs of healthcare in New York, in order to travel with the best travel insurance for New York in 2022, we would opt for the TOP or PREMIUM option, which are those with the most comprehensive medical expense coverage.

Another possibility for this trip, for which Mondo is totally a pioneer, is to opt for the ONLY ASSISTANCE option, with which you will have a very interesting medical coverage of 1,000,000 euros plus repatriation and early return, but which does not cover any extra such as theft or damage to luggage or delays in transportation. This is another option to consider if your budget is tighter, and you don’t want to spend so much on insurance.
Keep in mind that in any of the options, if your trip is longer, the cost per additional day will be lowed.

And also, if you want to personalize it even more, you can insure computer equipment or take out trip cancellation insurance when you enter all your data in the “ Coverages included and that you can personalize ”.

Remember that just for being a reader of Viajeros Callejeros, you have a 5% discount on your travel insurance for the United States, in addition to 15% if you take our family or group insurance.



The Best Travel Insurance In New York 2022

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