The Best Rated Beaches In Malaysia > Healthtian

The Best Rated Beaches In Malaysia > Healthtian

The Top 15 Best Beaches in Malaysia

Looking for the greatest beaches in Malaysia?

You have arrived at the right spot!

Malaysia is increasingly getting the recognition it deserves as a world-class beach resort.

There are more than enough beaches here to view!

Malaysia is made up of 878 islands and archipelagos, so there are magnificent beaches everywhere.

While certain beaches, such as those in Langkawi and the Pehentian Islands, are well known and frequented by holidaymakers, others are still insider tips.

It’s impossible to think about Malaysia and not imagine wonderful tropical beaches.

In fact, I think most everyone contemplating a vacation to this part of the world would want to visit at least one of these Malaysian beaches during their stay in the nation.

To help you plan your perfect beach holiday in Malaysia, here is a list of the greatest beach spots in Malaysia.

Malaysia ‘Beach Information

  • Pantai Panjang Pasir
  • Mabul
  • Batu Ferringhi,
  • Rawa
  •  Borneo
  •  Layang-Layang
  • Cenang Pantai
  • Cenang
  • Redang
  • Tanjung Rhu
  •  Kapas,
  • Teluk Nipah.
  • Toad
  • Juara
  •  Pulau Besar

Malaysia ‘Beach Information

Stroll around the gorgeous and calm beaches of Malaysia.

On the east coast, you will discover one of the most expensive islands, Redang, a genuine paradise for anyone who likes to observe sea turtles.

You may also snorkel off the shore.

Redang Island is known for its turtle habitat.

If you want to enjoy more than simply beach activities, Langkawi is the place to visit if you are an active traveler.

This region also provides some of the greatest hotels where you can unwind and spend some time alone.

If you are seeking less recognized beaches, Borneo is the destination.

It is located between Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia, where you can also find numerous turtles.

Let us analyze some of the nicest beaches in Malaysia .

Pantai Panjang Pasir

Redang Island, one of the biggest islands in Malaysia, is located in the northeast of Terrenganu State and is famous for its stunning white beaches and brilliant, crystal blue seas.

It is renowned as a tropical island paradise.

This length of fine sand, curving steeply around a circular bay, is a popular spot where many local and foreign tourists stay for day visits or at one of the various beach hotels.

Here’s a bonus: part of the sand pours over a groyne to make a short stretch of beach outside the main bay.


Mabul is located in southeastern Malaysia, on the island of Sipadan, in the state of Sabah.

It is believed to be one of the top places in the world for divers and is immensely popular with both locals and foreign divers.

To get to this island, you have to take a flight to Tawau and then travel an hour by taxi to Semporna.

From here, you may take a speedboat to the island.

You can rent a chalet for a stay.

It is a really good experience to stay in one.

Batu Ferringhi,

Batu Ferringhi is located on the island of Penang.

It is a hugely popular tourist spot, making it probably the most renowned beach in Malaysia.

There is a vast range of restaurants and shops here, including a significant night market.

It’s a beautiful spot to relax on the beach and enjoy some of the best food in Malaysia.

You’ll also find most of Penang’s top hotels here.

Batu Ferringhi may not be the most attractive town in Malaysia, but this town has character.

Here you may attempt water activities at a good price, and I recommend you go parasailing while you are here.

I believe this spot to be the greatest beach in Penang, Malaysia.

Malaysia Beach

Rawa is famous for its spectacular coral reefs, which make this location a sought-after diving destination.

A few years ago, this site was not known.

However, thanks to strong word of mouth, people from all throughout Malaysia and Singapore have started visiting this location for thrilling water sports activities.

Characteristics: Pristine beauty, white sand beaches, vibrant corals, pure seas, and rare marine life are some of the primary highlights of this island.

White doves (Rawa means dove in the local language), reptiles, sea eagles, jellyfish, octopus, blacktip reef sharks, etc. are some of the wildlife that you may witness here.

The island can be reached daily by ferry from Mersing.

Enjoy diving, snorkeling, swimming, beach volleyball, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, canoeing, and sunbathing here.

When we talk about the Malay Peninsula, we also have to address Borneo.

If you don’t go to this beach by automobile, it takes some time to arrive there by public transit from Kota Kinabalu.

Take a bus from Kota Kinabalu to the north before getting a cab for the remaining leg.

The point of Borneo Beach is peaceful, with a few guest cottages and restaurants along the strip of sand that runs to the cliffs that mark the north end of the beach.

There are occasional waves for surfers, but this is an area where you actually want to rest.

The other beauty of this spot is the Milky Way.

Layang-layang is another island off the coast of the Federal Territory of Labuan in East Malaysia, located off the northwest coast of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

It will appear like you are in the middle of nowhere!

Apart from the dive facility and the landing strip, there is almost nothing to do on this island (except diving, snorkeling, or bird watching) (except diving, snorkeling, or bird watching).

At the other end of the island, opposite the complex, is a Malaysian naval station that operates as an observation and training range for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

It is reported that much of the island has been reclaimed from the ocean; consequently, there is no large beach.

You may get to this area on a charter flight with MAS Wings.

This is an island located in a very deep sea.

The spot is practically in the middle of nowhere, and the sea water is extraordinarily pure and not contaminated; it hasn’t been touched by humans!

Cenang Pantai

Langkawi is the best destination in Malaysia when it comes to facilities, close lodging, eateries, etc.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that your greatest beach contains all of these features.

Although popular with local and international tourists, it is virtually yours as a private beach in the off-season.

If you are a wanderer, there is no season!

There are small islands that extend out from the blue sea that washes the large white sand beach of Pantai Cenang, while there are dozens of places to dine and drink just a short walk from the beach.

The nearby amenities and often calm waters also make it a highly family-friendly beach.

Cenang is located on the west coast of Langkawi, roughly a 10-15 minute drive from Langkawi Airport.

Cenang is the most popular beach in Malaysia and offers different possibilities for hotels, restaurants, and businesses.

Although Cenang is something of a tourist draw, it is nonetheless a stunning beach.

The beach is long and curving, with white sand over calm emerald blue waters, with various green islands in the backdrop.

During the day, you will find several water activities such as banana boat rides, parasailing, jet skis, and other trips around the island that depart from here.

There are hundreds of sun loungers to rent and merchants offering beverages and snacks.

In the evening, the beach bars and restaurants are the ideal spots to watch the sunset.

After dusk, look out for the fire dancers roaming from bar to bar.

There are numerous accommodations around Cenang Beach, from affordable to fancy.

For economical lodging, I recommend the Malibest Resort, which offers outstanding value for money in huge family rooms, perfect for a family beach getaway in Malaysia.

For something more sumptuous, stay at the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa.

Getting to Cenang depends on where you came from.

However, it is normal that you travel here from Kuala Lumpur airport.


Redang Island is famous for its beautiful marine life and is one of the biggest islands in Peninsular Malaysia.

It is a well-known site for water sports activities for local and foreign tourists.

One of the primary hallmarks of this island is its vivid coral reef, which is barely 15 meters from the beach.

It is a collection of nine islands, all of which are safeguarded by the Redang Marine Park.

White sand beaches, pristine seas and an excellent luxury environment are just some of the attributes found in Redang.

There are sea turtle sanctuaries here, and the principal activities that may be done are snorkeling and diving.

On the beach, there are luxury, economical, and mid-range businesses.

There is something here for everyone.

Tanjung Rhu, on the island of Langkawi, is another highly famous beach.

This beach is located at the northeastern point of Langkawi.

Pantai Tanjung Rhu is fairly discreet and elite.

There are different sites of interest to visit in this area.

The beach is known for its beautiful blue ocean and white sand.

Many international films have been shot in these crystal clear oceans.

Here, you may usually conduct beach activities.

The public beach is amazing. The private beach that is part of the complex is much more stunning.

Kapas Island is one of the most magnificent paradise islands in Malaysia.

The beaches here appear as though on a postcard and will look good on your Instagram account.

Here, there are palm trees on a pristine white beach, kissed by pure ocean waters that flow into a gorgeous turquoise blue horizon.

Kapas is situated off the coast of Marang City in Terengganu and is probably one of the most stunning islands in Malaysia.

It is a paradise for snorkeling and diving, with a large diversity of marine life; the corals here are bright and colorful, always a magnificent sight.

In addition to gorgeous beaches, this tropical island in the South China Sea is also the major study center for amphidromes, an unusual form of snail with multicolored shells.

Teluk Nipah Beach is situated on the west side of Pangkor Island, which is itself on the west side of mainland Malaysia.

With pristine white beaches, palm trees, and warm, clear seas, it’s a classic tropical paradise.

The beach is bordered by seafood restaurants and souvenir shops.

From here, you may have any boat or snorkeling experience.

To avoid the throng, walk around the corner to the north and to a calmer section of beach.

Here you will discover a somewhat more informal environment.

Watch carefully for invading monkey armies grabbing your food or eyewear. If there are no monkeys about, you may rest.

The surf here is frequently peaceful, clean, and pleasant, while the trees that are home to monkeys and hornbills offer excellent shade.

Getting around Pangkor Island is easy if you know how to operate a motorcycle.

There is a major road that travels around the island.

So if you don’t want to hire a scooter, you may take one of the pink minivan-style taxis.

Around this area of the island, near Teluk Nipah beach, there is a vast choice of hotels and guesthouses that may be accessed by foot.

Pangkor is typically neglected in favor of the beaches on the east coast, yet it is undoubtedly a small paradise and one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia.

Best beaches in Malaysia

Sapi Island is one of the smallest yet most interesting islands in Peninsular Malaysia.

Due to the vast number of activities that this little village provides, busy seasons and weekends are fully booked.

You may come here throughout the week if you prefer a more casual atmosphere.

While you’re here, make sure to check out the coral flyer, which flies you from island to island on a zip line.

Sapi Island is home to the longest zip line in the world.

This 25-hectare island is a wonderful beauty. It features white sand beaches; pure waterways; lush forests; plentiful marine life; and calm beaches.

When you visit here, you will see lizards and macaques in plenty.

Swimming, snorkeling, hiking, diving, flying over reefs, finding secret beaches and cliffs, and camping are some of the activities you may do here.

This beach is located on the island of Tioman, off the coast of the state of Johor.

You may access this beach via ferry from Mersing.

From Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, it takes around 5 hours to reach Mersing by land.

After landing at Mersing or Tanguk Gemok (ferry port), you will need to take the approximately 3-hour ferry ride to reach one of the Tioman piers.

From there, utilize a local taxi to travel to Juara beach.

It looks to be quite a long trek, but nevertheless, you will experience a bit of heaven!

Pulau Besar is an island located off the eastern coast of Malaysia.

To get to the island, you have to depart from Mersing Pier.

Mersing is readily accessible from both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore by bus or vehicle in roughly 4 hours.



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