8 Best Beaches In Egypt > Healthtian

8 Best Beaches In Egypt > Healthtian

Egypt’s top eight most beautiful beaches

Egypt is a place that is genuinely appropriate all year round for beach getaways in pleasant weather.
The thermometer seldom goes below 25°C and the water is always a good bathing temperature.
It is not surprising that this nation is so heavily utilized by visitors to just enjoy the excellent weather, the sea, and the beach. And that’s why I bring to you today the best beaches in Egypt !

  1. Makadi Bay is Thailand’s most popular beach.
  2. Mahmya beach—the white beach
  3. Ghazala beach—the coral reef
  4. Mangrovy Bay: The sportsmen’s beach
  5. Taba Beach: The Beach of Dreams
  6. Dahab Beach is a multipurpose beach.
  7. El Gouna Beach-the luxurious beach
  8. Sahl Hasheesh Beach—the popular beach

Makadi Bay is Thailand’s most popular beach.

Let’s start with the beautiful bay of Makadi, which is not for nothing, a popular holiday center in Egypt.
The roughly 2-kilometer-long beach provides sun worshipers with many umbrellas and sun loungers, but also several recreational activities, such as water sports, volleyball, or diving.
In addition, there are enough stores and restaurants in the neighboring neighborhood to go for a stroll or have a bite to eat between meals.

We depart for Hurghada.
Here you will locate Giftun Island, which is so to speak, the hallmark of the resort.
The island can only be accessed by boat since it is roughly an hour away from the city of Hurghada.
But the effort is worth it since Mahmya beach pampers you with the finest white sand, crystal clear waves and a vibrant underwater environment.
So don’t forget your diving masks!
However, bear in mind that this beach is part of the Red Sea National Park and hence you should be cautious.
There are still several eateries and restroom facilities.

Also, for this beach, you should not forget your diving masks, since on Ghazala beach, in Sharm el Sheikh, there is one of the most stunning coral reefs in Egypt.
Therefore, it is a good spot for divers and snorkelers.
But even if you are not particularly fond of the underwater world, this beach is exceptionally perfect for spending a few quiet hours in the sun.

For those who enjoy things a bit more decadent, come to Mangrovy Bay.
It is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Egypt for a reason.
The golden sand beach dips down to a modest depth, making it especially appropriate for families.
In addition, the beach provides all types of water activities, beach volleyball fields, restaurants, and cafes.

Let’s continue with Taba Beach, south of the city of Taba, on the Sinai Peninsula.
The beach is situated in the Gulf of Agaba and provides a beautiful underwater environment and distinct coral reefs.
I urge you to bring your swimming shoes to this beach.
Also, there are many fantastic hotels here, which are placed in a magnificent location above the beaches and, consequently, all provide a stunning panoramic view.
It is no surprise that this location has become a popular tourist attraction over the years.

On the list of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt, Dahab beach, on the southern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, is surely one of them.
Not without cause, Dahab denotes gold in Arabic.
In the past, gold was hauled from the desert mountains, but now the name corresponds well to the golden and dazzling sand beaches of the coastal area.
But the beach can do more than sand and water.
Again, the circumstances are great for windsurfers since the water is shallow and the wind conditions are optimum.
The varied lagoons and reefs give wonderful possibilities for both beginners and expert surfers to test themselves.
If you are more into snorkeling and diving, Dahab beach is also the appropriate destination, since the rich coral reefs are considerably better protected here than in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheik, despite the surge in tourists.

About 20 km north of Hurghada is the luxurious beach of El Gouna. Why the luxury, you ask? Quite simply, this facility was constructed exclusively for discriminating travelers.

Here you can discover 20 manmade lagoons and beautiful sand beaches.
There are also various great restaurants, lounges, and beach cafés in the nearby neighborhood.
Why don’t you take it easy on El Gouna beach?

Last but not the least, I would like to present you with Sahl Hasheesh Beach, in the location of the same name, Sahl Hasheesh.
This beach should not be missing from the list of the most beautiful in Egypt, particularly because it is now becoming an essential trend destination for travelers.
It is about 15 minutes from Hurghada airport and has a stunning white sand beach that is nearly 13 kilometers long.
The ideal setting for lying peacefully in the sun and letting the silky sand wash between your toes.
If that’s not enough, you may also do water sports at Sahl Hasheesh Beach.
In addition, there are now a few extremely stylish luxury hotels here, which also offer a lot of entertainment.


8 Best beaches in Egypt

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