10 dishes of typical food from Alicante, Spain > Healthtian

10 dishes of typical food from Alicante, Spain > Healthtian

Types of typical food from Alicante, Spain.

If you have never been to Alicante, Spain, you have no clue what you are missing.

This city is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines from all over the world, which means there are lots of wonderful meals to sample.

I hope you have eaten?, because below I am going to show you some typical Alicante food dishes that will heighten your appetite.

Table of Contents

1. Paella

2. Rice to form a band

3. Fideua

4. rabbit in garlic sauce

5. Almorad’s Paparajotes

6. Peus de porc et tous les I julievert

7. black rice

8. Arrs and Llet

9. Sant Joan Bunyols

10. Jijona nougat

1. Paella


Paella is a traditional Spanish dish from Alicante.

It is a rice meal composed of rice, chicken, rabbit, and shellfish (octopus) with veggies.

The paella pan is commonly constructed of copper or aluminum and is cooked over a fire.

These pans are particularly heavy because they have to be able to maintain heat for lengthy periods of time without scorching the food within.

This meal is frequently eaten with a green salad on the side or blended with rice.

2. Rice to form a band

Arroz a banda is a classic meal from Alicante.
It is a rice meal prepared with fish, meat, and veggies.
It is a classic meal from the coast of Alicante and is prepared in a pot.

In its simplest version, arroz a banda consists of adding rice to water or broth (often tomato), frying a little chopped onion, garlic and spices such as paprika or cumin seeds; then adding chorizo, chicken breasts or fish cut into pieces; and finishing with some fresh peppers such as green pepper or red chilli.

3. Fideua

Fideua food

Fideua is a rice noodle meal.

It is a classic Valencian cuisine and is generally served as a seafood stew.

Fideua is cooked using rice noodles, making it an uncommon blend of Asian and Mediterranean tastes.

It is easy to understand why it is one of the most popular Valencian dishes: it is excellent!

This classic Spanish cuisine is typically eaten by locals during family gatherings or celebrations.

It might be hard to comprehend that something so basic can taste so fantastic.

4. rabbit in garlic sauce

10 classic dishes of typical food from Alicante, Spain


Garlic rabbit is a classic dish from Alicante.

There are many different methods to prepare it, but one thing is for sure: rabbit meat is widely valued by the populations of Spain and Portugal.

This recipe was established by the Romans in Valencia, where they ate it in their time (2nd century BC) (2nd century BC).

In reality, this meal has been consumed throughout Europe since its arrival in the Old World.

5. Almorad’s Paparajotes

Paparajotes are a classic Almorad meal.

They are a form of rice dish cooked with chicken, hog, rabbit, and veggies.

These foods go extremely well with alioli, which is another classic dish from this region.

This rice stew has been famous across Spain since it was introduced by the Arabs during the Reconquest.

6. Peus de porc et tous les I julievert

If you are seeking a typical meal from Alicante, we propose the peus de porc a julivert (pork thighs with garlic and julivert) (pork thighs with garlic and julivert).

The pig is a symbol of the province of Alicante, and its meat is prepared in a casserole, seasoned with garlic and tomato sauce.

Jlivèrt is also called calendula. It is a fragrant plant that lends color to this delicious stew.

7. Black rice

Black rice


In Alicante, a popular meal is arrs negre (black rice) (black rice).

Like paella, it consists of a blend of seafood and fowl with vegetables.

The key difference between these recipes is that in black rice, black rice substitutes for ordinary rice.

The black tint originates from the squid ink, which lends the meal its name: black rice.

This sort of rice was initially planted in and around Valencia, where it has been produced for generations as an exclusive product for local use.

Today, it may be found across Spain, although it is still extremely popular in this region.

8. Arrs and Llet

Arrs amb Llet is a classic dessert from Alicante.

Rice cooked in milk is one of the key components, along with cinnamon and sugar.

Raisins are also occasionally added in this recipe.

This dessert is normally made in a casserole dish and served hot or at room temperature.

9. Sant Joan Bunyols

Bunyols are a traditional dessert from the Alicante area, prepared with wheat, sugar, and egg yolks.

They are consumed on the day of San Juan (June 24). (June 24).

It is frequently eaten with a glass of cava.

10.  Jijona nougat

Jijona nougat is a traditional product from the city of Jijona.

It is a popular gift and has been manufactured in this manner since the 18th century.

The recipe is made up of honey, almonds, and sugar.

The foundation is made up of numerous layers of nougat that are layered one on top of the other to form a pyramid.

Its foundation is almond paste, which gives it its distinct flavor and color, and it is blended within with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, for example (depending on whether we want it hot or cold).

Surely, after reading this article, you will have learnt a lot about food and drink in Alicante.

This province contains many varied foods, but there are also several that stand out as being the most characteristic.

If you want to sample these delicacies for yourself, what are you waiting for to book your vacation and try the typical gastronomy of Alicante ?


10 dishes of typical food from Alicante, Spain

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